Blazers 10u


The 10u Blazers is where the players are still learning more about themselves and the game. Fundamentals are still being taught, and players will begin to compete in 2 double headers/weekend.  This team will compete in the regular NEAAU.  All practices during the winter will be held at the All Star Sports Academy @ 72 Jefferson St. Marlborough, MA



The team will begin practice one day a week starting in November, which they will work on the basic fundamentals of hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching. The players will be working with the Academy's core instructors during these months. This allows the players to utilize each coach's strengths in the program. 


Starting right after February break, the team will practice once/week, but will practice solely with their team. The team will continue to practice in the batting tunnels working on team plays and situations. 


The team will play 2 double headers/weekend with 1 practice during the week.  The team will also be competing in 1 local weekend tournament that is included in the players tuition. An option for additional tournaments will be introduced.